What is next?

At 13th century Ismail al-Jazari built automated moving peacocks , and automatic gates which both were driven by hydropower. He also built a waitress that could serve water, tea or drinks. The drink was stored in a tank which drips into a bucket with a reservoir then drips into a cup. Afterwards the waitress appears out of an automatic door and serves it.

Al-Jazari also invented a hand washing automaton using a flush mechanism like in modern flush toilets. Characterizing a female standing by a basin filled with water. When the user pulls the lever, the water drains and the female automaton refills the basin. Here is it:

The automation even was there before 13th century, Yan Shi made a life-size, human-shaped figure made of leather, wood, and artificial organs for the king in the 3rd century.

Philosopher Mozi and Lu Ban invented artificial wooden birds (ma yuan) that could successfully fly in the 5th century.

Mechanical servants were built for Gods in ancient Greece, then Buddha’s relics were protected by mechanical robots in 11th century.

So automation is not the new thing..

Moreover, lately we scare of losing jobs because of automation, considering driverless cars and trucks. and many other areas. There is even a pizza maker robot around. If you are interested in you can watch the video:

Zume delivers made-to-order pizza with robots

Lately GAP to limit human contacts is buying more robots to use in their warehouses. Here is how a robot separating garments:

AutoGrasp, the Robotics Intelligence Platform by Kindred AI

And the news about Gap’s buying: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/21/gap-rushing-more-robots-into-warehouses.html

Many other warehouses are already mostly automated. Remember the Amazon’s?

Amazon Warehouse Robots

I think Covid19 is helping on some advancements in robotics and of course in artificial intelligence.

However, is it the next big thing? watching what is done now from videos I don’t think so..

Bye for now.. 

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