What is next?

Next thing.. will be on wifi? I wish..
Intel newly bought Killer’s company. They worked together and Intel produced chips for them too. As they say Killer‘s connectivity is very good.

I wish that my wifi’s coverage is more. I walk in garden. After a small while I loss connection to my wifi. If there is more coverage I may take my laptop to garden too. I still can use my mobile as hotspot, but mobile data costs more.

With Covid19 connectivity become more important. Even Facebook rearranging of settlement of their employees. I came across a video of Mr. Zuckerberg (CEO’s of Facebook) was talking about remote work.

How future of work is going to be? In my opinion those whose work are prone to work remotely will continue to work remotely. Maybe they may need to visit the workplaces at certain intervals. But I guess this will be kept to a minimum. If a group of employees whose work is required to go to workplace, they will continue to go as before. So a hybrid working environment will be in our lives from now on. It is possible to see that there will be many benefits from this hybrid working environment.

As Facebook head said %95 of the Facebook is able to work remotely. That means all remote workers needs good connections and good security at home too.

As a result of Covid19 and hybrid working places the connections on internet is increased and will keep increasing. I believe the rate of speed on internet will increase too. And these will cause wifi devices to have better and faster connections.

So, I think we may expect new powerful and distant remote coverage chip from Intel with this new acquisition.

Is the next thing will be on distant wifi coverage? Since we stay at home, work from home and only walking around our houses for a while, this may give an idea to Intel to work on it. And I think there will be new inventions about it, or at least I’m waiting for one now.

Bye for now.. 

©Oya Şanlı, May 24, 2020

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