What is next?

May be cameras? or sensors? is the next big thing.. 

I listened today that through a lense with computer vision capability sensor captures images with AI then detects what is looking at. Moreover, it calculates the distance between bodies, of course with an AI algorithm.  Some sensors keep data on them some keep data on cloud. With the data there is a chance to do many analysis like the productivity analysis..

And I learned there are such sensors in market.  So sensors now are far away just sensing the new tweets..

 Some are using other solutions like an app on mobile with wifi or bluetooth connection. But those are giving away the id.. sensors not, since they sense only the body.

Still I don’t think they are the bext big thing..

Bye for now..

©Oya Şanlı, 16 May, 2020

Note: I took the photo attached at İstanbul Photography Museum( http://www.istanbulfotografmuzesi.com/index.html)

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