What is Next?

How about Internet of things?..

Then I remember Las Vegas..  I went Las Vegas to meet Google Glass explorer whom met face to face in Istanbul.  Story begins like this; Google Glass came in Istanbul and of course I went to see it. I met the explorer girl and wore the glass that night. Sorry I didn’t understand how it worked. I said myself; “Oya would you let Glass to go around the world if you were running Google?” Of course NOT! So I didn’t say anything. But surely wanted to know about it. Next day Glass with the girl left Istanbul. After few months I decided to go to London. I have never been there and I was wondering about it. As a Turkish citizen I applied for visa.  The visa office returned back accusing me as a liar.. They wrote that I was lying about my retirement and I was actually planning to go there to do some business. My intention was only to see the London, and I retired ın 2003 on top of that I gave them my retirement book but they didn’t keep it and gave it back to me. Surely they didn’t bother to check on social security sites.. I was sooo mad. Around that time I was chatting with the explorer girl on hangout. I have a long visa to US. And I wanted to see SF.  While talking to her, I decided to go to SF instead of London. I’m so glad I did that. I went to SF, then to Las Vegas and with her to Florida, Alabama(she is from Alabama) too. I had great time. and wore the Glass all the time. Whenever I think about it I smile.. At Las Vegas we get Google Tattoos.. and at Florida I visited Magical Kingdom.. hihihih:) with Glass on! It was a great experience for me and had great time. I began to thank to London visa office..lol.. At the end I realised glass is made out of a camera, a sim card and storage unit. Like a very small mobile phone.. All photos and videos I took in a day later at night were downloaded via usb cable to laptop. They said It is possible to connect the glass to G+ account at that time, but they didn’t keep their promise to connect it to mine. Then a few months after returning back to İstanbul, I went to Santa Clara with my son. And lived there about 3 years. 

About internet of things.. at Florida my explorer friend was wearing a long necklace with a small toy like a girl  hanging on it. Whenever she was receiving a tweet the toy girl’s eyes were shining up..  Since then IOTs gained so much.. but still not in my daily life I’m not using any.

However with Covid is around IOT may move forward. I read a story about how apple watch saved a life when owner had stroke. I saw many of them when travelling around but never thought of buying one. Now seriously thinking.. 

I think IOT devices related to health may the next big thing..

If I change mind I write here again.

Bye for now..

©Oya Şanlı, 15 May, 2020

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