Walking in San Francisco

Painted Ladies, SF

Dec 20, 2017

Walking in San Francisco is interesting. After taking a bus and Caltrain I reached San Francisco. I was able to catch a bus to St. Francis Yacht Club. So, my day was beginning over there. Walked to Wave Organ and listened the waves for a while. Well it was so clouded like it was going to rain. When I saw more dark clouds are coming by, I began to run to take some photos of Place of Fine Arts which was close by. Some couple were around for photo shooting for their wedding. I think it is a great place for wedding photos. There were some yellow flowers around the Palace too. Dark clouds were still around, so after clicking for some photos, I took a bus to see Painted Ladies. I’m glad it did not rain even it was not sunny – my bad luck- Anyway, Painted Ladies were looking great. While walking around Alamo Square, while on small hill I saw some sun light at back on the city. Then clouds were moved away but it began to get dark. Nowadays ,it is getting dark early 🙁 I remembered to eat something 🙂 took a bus again and went to Market on Market st. Hehe:) I said hello to Twitter too 🙂 I’m glad it did not rain during day, when I woke up next morning, I saw that it did during the night.

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