What is next?

Digital era

Still in digital era and trying to digitize everything.. with bitcoin money is becoming a digital entity. And now China is trying and testing digital Yuan.

‘The move, announced by the Ministry of Commerce, expands the coverage area for testing the cyber currency to a potential user base of around 400 million, or 29% of the country’s population.’ This seems to be a huge test. If it will be successful Welcome to digital currency!! I believe, soon there will be no paper money around.

With covid we all buying digitally. If buying process totally moves to internet many things will change. We may have food depots instead of food markets. And there will be more delivery robots around to cut the human interaction down.

I believe education should be mix online and face-to-face. I’m taking online education now, and teachers have no idea if we understand the topic or not. In classroom, they see our faces and they act and continue teaching according our reaction, there is no such a chance in online education. But still there is some learning process in online education. I believe from now on education will be mix online & face-to-face. With this there will be more chance to to learn more and fire up curiosity among students. For me curiosity helps me keep learning.

China sets trial run for digital yuan in top city hubs

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