I’m working in IT more than 30 years, more than half of my life for now.

As we all faced after Windows 95 almost all software has bugs in it, and security become an issue when many connected to internet around end of 19’s.

As I began my working life as a programmer then studied Computer Science at City College of NY, every software around has bugs in it. So as a programmer I managed to fix my own and others’ bug, even while was transferring software from Burroughs 3500 to 6800. I also happened to work for a local software company as a Product manager of their new business ERP package and some of my duties were find bugs and prepare financial reports in it and for it next to the other product related stuff. For me it was interesting job and learned a lot about product management.

When I came across with Cloud Computing around 2008 I knew it would carry us another level. And it did with Social Media platforms.

It is awesome to meet people at the other side of the world. For me it is also awesome to share my knowledge, my photos and digital works with people around the world.

I also learned a bit of human behavior and hell lot about myself.

As an IT person as knowing little bit of the background I know how hard to maintain these social platforms, especially with billions of users. On top of it look how much we are sharing! I can even not guess how much storage these platforms are maintaining. So I was waiting innovations about storage, well a few already happened.

Remember, many of those platforms are actually business and one with sharing visuals and ideas and connecting others can perform own business on those as well.

When I was at Bodrum about 4-5 years ago, I remember seeing some Spanish people showing me each other and talking about me and one of my post at Google+ which was about me offering a Turkish coffee in Turkey if any says hi 🙂

I learned and experienced many at Google+ looking at business point of view to IT.

Since 1981 I’m working, none of programs I wrote then is alive now.. so time change, people change, business change and many innovations happened, and many on the way. So there will be many other things in our life from assistants to robots, from watches to foldable screens, and so on…

I was wondering the life cycle of Google+ since I signed on and it turned out to be less then 10 years..

I’m using Facebook more active at the moment, using pages to share my photos, and share my knowledge and my cooking recipes. I signed on in October 2007, before I signed on Google+. However, I have more experience in Google+. Though sharing photos made me to take more:) I tried to share them through my website too. Well storage is in need, so I have to pay more..

I wish Google Photos is still in help at this point. I don’t want to open up all of my photos to public, maybe creating some folders (if Photos let me)and the cost would be cheaper. I tried blogger for the purpose too. All has copyright issues, others can download and copy whole or just the part they like.. hihi:) a clue for Photos, only sharing from can cause copyright issues..

I’m not planing to delete my account, unless Google+ wants me to. I have lots of memories here…

I tried to get a backup of what i did at Google+, but I was not so successful. Backup ended with error message 🙁 Then, I’m thinking.. suppose that I have the backup, would I be using it? I’m not sure, because time passed over all, so most lost the importance of it for that reason. I think only the photos I took is important, and Photos goes no where 🙂

Cheers to all Google memories! Get ready for new way of working and living with AI, AR, VR and deep learning with machine learning..

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