A hat

wearing hat and with Murad Bil

I like to wear hat in winter and in summer. Nowadays, I have a brown one with a same color flower at one side. I bought it from Macy’s at Sunnyvale, Ca. When I first wore it on streets at Sunnyvale people were looking at me with a smile, so It is an awesome hat! I wore it many times at San Francisco too, it is great to see a smile on faces while walking around. I still am wearing it in Istanbul too and still seeing smiles on. Yesterday while walking with Mom on Bagdat Avenue a woman was saying to her friend next to her that she bought a hat but she decided not to wear it thinking it was childish. Then with mom we looked each other and smiled. Hehe 🙂 I think many women in Istanbul from now on will wear hat! Tonight I saw a photo of a few school friend from alumni on Facebook who were were wearing colorful hats on. I am really glad having hats 🙂 in summer it will be another one made out of bamboo with red strip on it.. Let’s see you in this summer with a hat!

Nov, 2018

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