Yesterday while walking towards bus stop after visiting Santa Clara town center, I saw a nice woman was sitting on the bench. First thing I noticed on her was her knee high socks colored with blue tiny shapes on white. While approaching her, she was dark yellow haired shaped like choppy bob with a deep side part and with sweeping bangs. She was wearing light turquoise t-shirt and light blue Capri leggings.

She was searching something in her black japanned leather bag. When she saw me walking towards her she looked up and gave me greeting with her head shaking up and down. I smiled and greeted back. A moment later she did it again. Again I smiled and greeted back. That time I was able to see her face. She had small blue eyes with thick dark yellow eye brows. May be she is older then me, because of her wrinkles, or may be we are at the same age, I am not sure. I hardly guess ages 🙂 Whatever, she has a smiley face, that counts most. Passing her I sat in the bus boot to wait for the bus.

She was still looking for something in her bags. I realized she had a white Target bag too. A man with orange shirt and jeans on came next to her. He greeted her saying ‘Hi Betsy’ and sat next to her. They talked and after a small while bus came in.

Since bus stopped passing me they were left behind, but I saw her taking her stuff from the bench to get in the bus. I had quarters so I spent some time in front of farebox next to driver. After putting all of my coins in I sat at the side seats. Number 22 buses here are mostly have bellows, so they are long and have some seats at sides in the middle like the ones in front for disable people.

Later on she sat across of my left side. I still was able to see her. She still was searching for something in her black bag. She took out some paper and a pencil and began writing. While looking at her I saw a blackie man with dark green knit hat. He had white goatee, round brown eyes and eyebrows.

I was taking some notes to keep in order to write my short story. May be she was too a writer and was taking her notes. This time I saw her wrinkles were much more deeper. May be she was in half dark in the bus that was the reason. Light makes many things look nicer. While thinking like that, I remembered not always. I remember one view of Istanbul while landing, it was full of concrete and was not nice at all. While landing from almost same point at night, it was beautiful!

Anyway, she was the first woman I saw writing in the bus. I may not look like writing since I am using my phone instead of paper and pen. If I use paper, most of the time I loose it later on and even if not it is harder for me to put them in order. But with my phone it is much easier to take notes. I found Google Keep easy to use, since it is on cloud it is always with me.

It is fascinating to see how technology is changing our lives and helping us. I think that is why I like information systems, it makes us help each other too.

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