Turkish way of cauliflower meal

a12 - 1Ingredients:

1 big Cauliflower – about 500-750gr

Minced meat – about 250gr (%10-%20fat)

1 onion

1 tomato

1 carrot

handful parsley leaves

Butter, Salt, pepper

Wash cauliflower and split it in to small pieces. Chop onion,tomato, carrot and parsley after pealing and washing them.

But a teaspoonful of butter in a pan and add onion first, cook for a while whit string. Add carrots do same. Then add tomatoes and then parsley in same way. Then add minced meat. Cook well and stir all so meat won’t get burned.

When meat cooked add cauliflowers and a glass of water. Don’t forget seasoning; salt and pepper. Close the lit let them cook till cauliflowers become soft.



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