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IMG_20150109_113831608While I was coming back home, at red light in the bus I just saw a man with a cigarette in his hand. He was like showing the cigarette to someone, but I realized actually he was talking to it. I still wonder what he was saying. I watched him for a while, he kept saying some to cigarette. Oh! it wasn’t that I wanted to smoke, I quit many years ago, I don’t even counting years any more.

He was dark curly haired and was wearing a beige singlet and pants. He seemed to be covered by dust, or it was the dirt on bus window?  I wasn’t able to see his feet but his arms were full of colorful tattoos. A few steps back of him I saw a shopping cart full with his stuff in it. I’am guessing like that since he turned back and walked towards it. He was talking to cigarette like an actor who memorizes his act. He was serious. We all acting in this life somehow. For him was it act or real, it was hard to tell.

I was distracted by a woman in the bus, who was on the phone talking laud. I wonder when I am on phone if others think I am laud. She was sitting a few seats back across to me.

Dreams.. Sometimes I am laughing at my dreams like that man who was talking to cigarette in hand. Yes he was not looking sad at all.

Think next! Dream next! Is it possible to give up? Or should I give up? I don’t think it is only me who thinks next and dreams. Do you?

Green light was on and bus moved.


October 13, 2015 CA

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