Apricot jam – 2

1 kg fresh apricot – without seeds in halfs
400gr sugar
1/4 lemon


Put apricot halfs in a pan skin side down on pan. Put sugar on top of each with a spoon.

Wait about an hour, till sugar melts. I did not see much fruit water so I added a tablespoon full water that when I turned heat on apricots did not stick the pan.








After turning heat on waited the all sugar melt away well. Then I turned  apricots upside down to let other side also cook. Squeezed lemon juice on top.








Gradually turning apricots upside down the light yellow bubbles appeared. And I removed them with a spoon. When they turned dark yellow I began testing on a plate.

With a spoon try to drop one blob to plate and if the drop stays hold it means your jam is ready. If the drop outstretches keep cooking.







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