Apricot cake

125gr (1 stick) butter
1 glass of sugar
2 eggs
1 glass of flour
1 taespoonful of baking powder


After washing and removing seed in apricots slice them.

first butter the pan and place apricot slices on.


In another cup mix butter and sugar well and adding eggs one by one keep mixing
add flour and baking powder and mix all well.






Pour the dough on the apricots by a spoon. If there are some empty places left don’t worry while cooking all are covered.





Sprinkle cinnamon on top and cook it 20-25 minutes 150C/300F. Do not open the door of the oven until dough gets light brown.




After cooking done I wait about 5-10 minutes and then turning the pan upside down I remove the cake on the plate. Then I put some apricot jam I prepared previously on it. Here is the apricot jam’s recipe if you needed; Apricot Jam

Bon appetite!!


Tips: you can use peach slices too instead of apricot. I tried to use peach halves in a can and it worked well.

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