Talking loud

When I was in a bus towards Palo Alto this morning there was a man who was talking loud. First I thought he was talking to some one. Then I realized he was talking to air. At first stop he got out. And a woman saying ‘I am nervous because he is talking a loud’ came to front and she was sitting on the side chairs. Meantime, since bus didn’t move yet he got in again, and kept talking. I tried to understand what he was talking about without looking back to him. He was swearing loudly. Then he said ‘because of God Trump is president’. I don’t understand what God has to do with the election of the presidents. I came across same way of thinking in Turkey too. I don’t have any idea about relation between God and Presidents in terms of elections, since people went and voted for them. Yes, sometimes some additional things going on too like Russian effects 🙂

Then he said ‘white people are good and better’ I scared at that point because the people on the bus were mix, white, yellow and black.. I don’t understand this way of thinking too. There are good and bad people everywhere, in every color..

How come one call someone as bad because of color or belief without knowing anything about that person? While I was thinking like that he was still talking loud. Then a woman talked to him saying because he is talking loud people may scare. He apologized and kept apologizing for a while. At last we reached Palo Alto and we all got out from the bus. Then I saw him passing by behind my back and he was still talking loudly. I think he was educated because of his sentences. I did not see his face, he was wearing a green hat, a black coat and dark blue pants and Nike sneakers.

If I’m talking to someone, sometimes I speak loud too. It is not because I’m angry or I want to disturb the person I’m talking to.. I must learn to lower my voice too.

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