#w8:30tr Chard leaf dolma and pasta

I just cooked pasta, so let me begin with it under #w830tr.



250 gr pasta
1 glass of milk
2 eggs
3 tablespoonful of yogurt
3 slices of feta cheese
4 slices of cheese 
1 tablespoon of olive oil
500 lt water

In a pot put one tablespoon of olive oil and add some salt then 500 lt water and let them boil. When it boils add 250 gr pasta. And cook pasta in the boiling water until there is so little amount of water left.

Remove pasta from water and wit to be cool. Mean time prepare cheeses. Cut feta cheese in to small cubes and slice the normal cheese.

In another pot put milk and add eggs and yogurt and mix them well with a fork.

In a glass tray which is for oven put some pasta and then feta cubes then pasta again. So feta cheese will be in the middle. You can add parsley too if you want some green.
And pour milk mix on it. Cover the tray with aluminium folio and place it in to 180°C preheated oven. 20140321-222836.jpgBe sure
to place on the lower level. After 15 minutes remove the covered folio and cover pasta with cheese slices. After 10 minutes when cheese gets brown color it is done! 

Remove from the oven and serve it after 5 minutes when it cools down a bit.


Okay let’s go for Dolma now!


500 gr minced meat (mixed-Lamb and calf)20140321-222901.jpg
1 tomato
1 onion
Parsley and dill
one handful of rice;
salt and black pepper
One bunch of chard leaves

Wash rice and put it aside to drain. Peel onion and wash. Remove the green stem from tomato and wash. do not forget to wash parsley and dill.

20140321-222912.jpgPut meat in a bowl. Grate onion on to meat. then cut tomato into half and grate tomato




Mince parsley and dill on the meat. 20140321-222951.jpg




Add rice, salt and pepper too, and mix them well with hand,

Now it is time for the leaves! I took a tea break at that point, because I have to stand on feet a bit more after that point.




First I cut some of stems of the chard. Then ı wash them all one by one.

I put some water in to splay pot and add one teaspoonful of salt. Salt helps leaves to save the green color.

20140321-223122.jpg20140321-223148.jpgI let water to boil then dip some leaves into it. So leaves can be half cooked and wrapping20140321-223200.jpg them can be easy. I let leave to stay in the boiling water about a minute. Then take them out to be wrapped.



20140321-223034.jpgWhen all leaves are done then it is time for wrapping the meat.


20140321-223235.jpg After placing one leave onto cutting board I remove the middle vessel of it. Because it is hard for dolma even it was a bit cooked. While eating you may not like that part, it is better to remove. From that leave as you may see I can prepare 3 dolmas.

Here is the amount of meat I use mostly. I close one edge then other one and then kind a roll it.




First three one:) Before put them into pot to cook again make sure you covered the
20140321-223318.jpgbottom of the pot with some leaves. This saves dolma to be burn.

Let me show you more closely how I’m wrapping.

20140321-223326.jpg 20140321-223335.jpg 20140321-223344.jpg

20140321-223354.jpg 20140321-223403.jpg


As you can see after placing some meat I close from one corner then the opposite one and  the other one and roll20140321-223413.jpg towards to last corner. Here is how it goes the placing part at right.

20140321-223421.jpgAlmost finished, The middle vessels and a bit of meat left at the end.

20140321-223429.jpg 20140321-223438.jpg


Ready go to put on heat. I add some water till to cover dolmas with leaves. While cooking
20140321-223504.jpgdolma we always cover it with a plate. the reason is do not let dolmas to open while cooking in the water. I closed the lid.
It took about 45 minutes or so to be cooked. As you may see there is a brown trail around the plate.20140321-223516.jpg


After removing the plate, I had to carry dolmas to another serving pot for my guest a day after. After covering dolmas with aluminum folio I put it in the refrigerator.


The next day, 45 minutes before my friends come over I preheat the oven 180°C and place the dolmas in the oven. To make sure they get warm well last 10 minutes I remove the folio.

You can serve dolmas with yogurt. Some likes plain yogurt. I put one garlic after crushing and mushing well in to small pieces. Some puts yogurt a side of the plate. I like to put yogurt on top of these dolmas..

I also prepared börek and cake for tea. Their recipes will come tomorrow 🙂

Have a good night. (March 22, 2014)

Oya Şanlı

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