#w8:30tr Kemalpaşa Tatlısı – Desert

The dessert is prepared from a dough of flour, unsalted cheese, semolina, egg, water and baking powder. The dough is formed into small balls that are fried. Then dried form it is often packaged in boxes. I bought one of those packages and sugar this morning. IMAG2637[1]

It is easy to cook it. First you pour 1lt water in a pot and add 1kg sugarIMAG2641[1] and stir well. Then put pot on the heat. let the sugar melt and water to boil. Then you can add the dough from the package in to water.







And then let the water boil. They slowly will become bigger.


In15-20 minutes turn the heat off.


And hen the pot cools down took the desert out to some plate. But not forget about its water. I sprinkle some grated coconuts.










PS: As usual I put aside less then 100gr of sugar. So I used about 950gr of sugar.



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