#w8:30tr Potato with egg

For two;

4 or 5 potatoes
3 or 4 eggs
Vegetable oil – sunflower or corn oil I usually use.
Butter – about 100 gr

Red pepper

 After peeling potatoes cut them in to cubes, not so small not so big. Put oil in to frying pan and turn the heat on. After a few moment add potato cubes to fry.

Meantime, put a pan aside and add some butter – about 100gr – and wait potatoes to fry. When they fry, they turn golden yellow, take them out to the pan you set aside. Remove the frying pan from heat and place the pan with fried potatoes & butter on. Add some salt and stir all till the butter melts.

Then add eggs on to potatoes and stir well. When eggs are cooked meal is ready to eat. Serve it in to plates and season with curry, red pepper and ketchup..

Bon appetite
Afiyet olsun!

Oya Şanlı


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