#w8:30tr – Layered main meal and vegetable soup..

I invited a few friend to lunch. It is usually hard to decide what to cook for me. What should I cook? Veal, lamb or chicken which one for the main meal? And they said they were on diet so I should not cook so many meals.. So I must prepare one main dish with some mix..hehe:) I remembered paela!! so main meal should be like paela.

I went to market on Monday and checked it out on meat and chicken. Since I could use the broth I decided on chicken. I bought some red and green peppers and carrots too. I had rice at home already.

     After washing chicken meat I put them in the pressure cooker. I pealed 3 carrots and 3 potatoes and put them in the cooker too. Then I added up some water for enough to make some soup and pilaf. I think I added about a liter of water. I also added up some seasoning like salt and black pepper. Then closed the lid and turn the heat on. In a few minutes I heard the sound of the cooker, and that was it.. chicken cooked! and broth is ready too.

After cooker cooled down I opened the lid, and took chicken meat out. Now that was time to cook pilaf. I am mostly using a glass to measure rice for pilaf. For a glass of rice I use 2 glasses of water. This time I used one and half glass of rice.

I first put some margarine on the pot which I would cook pilaf. And turned heat on. I measured one and half glass of rice and washed them in the drainer. Then I added up rice on the melted margarine. Then stirred a few times and I added up 1 and half glass of chicken broth and one glass of water. I stirred once more and close the lid to let rice to be pliaf 🙂

Now that was soup time! I took potatoes and carrots out of cooker put in steel pot and pour remaining broth on them. I only put one half carrot aside for pilaf.. Using my hand blender I mashed and mix all in the pot.  So soup was ready too 🙂

Later on I will melt butter with some dried mint to pour on the soup.

That was time to prepare layered main course.. I picked a round steel tray which can fit when I turned upside down in to one round glass tray. With the round glass tray I would do the serving.

I covered round steel tray with aluminium folio, so that would be easy to turn the tray upside down without loosing the shape. I took margarine out of the refrigerator. When it became smooth I covered aluminium folio with it.

Then I washed one red and one green pepper. After removing their seeds cutting the top of them I split them into long thin pieces. I also sliced the cooked carrot piece long-wise.

Now that was the time to prepare the dish!! I first placed green peppers making kind of star close to edges of the tray. Then red ones close to middle and then carrots too. Then I put chicken meats between them and covered all of the tray. Afterwards I put rice on them.

And here was main dish was ready. I covered with aluminium folio and put it in the refrigerator.

Next day, I heated the oven about 200 °C with turbo selection. I melted 75gr of butter in the cup. I removed the top folio and poured melted butter on it. then covered with folio again I replaced in the oven.

I saw that at the edges of the tray a few rice were in gold color, so I turned off the heat of the oven. It took about 25-30

minutes. After a few minutes I took the tray out and placed the glass tray upside down on it and turned all. So pilaf now was in the glass tray with chicken and vegetables on top 🙂

Since that was a layered day, I also prepared a layered salad. After peeling 3 potatoes I put them into pressure cooker with some water and salt and cooked

them well. Meantime after peeling and washing I grated 3 carrots and mixed with some lemon juice and olive oil. I grated one jar of small pickles.   I removed potatoes and put them in a bowl. I added up some lemon juice and olive oil and mixed all well.

I remembered “Al yanak” – Rosy cheeks which mom was doing it when I was a child. So I put some potato mix in a small bowl, and adding up a little more lemon juice mix all again. I made small balls with that mix and put some red pepper on top them.

Returning back to layered salad, In a bowl I placed stretch film and first put carrots then pickles and then potato mix on top and covered with stretch film again. and placed the bowl into

refrigerator. Next day removing the top stretch film I turned upside down on a glass plate.





So lunch meal was almost raedy with everything 🙂 I also prepared tiramisu.. its recipe will come tomorrow!!

Thanks for reading and caring..

Oya Şanlı

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