#Promenade to Sadberk Hanım Museum

At the beginning of the month after seeing an ad from Sadberk Hanım Museum in a post internet I decided to visit it. I mentioned to a few high school friends at FaceBook. They also wanted to come. We set a day together for our #promenade

The post was including the link; http://www.sadberkhanimmuzesi.org.tr/default.asp?hl=en

So the day was today! I picked them up and drove through Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.to go to European side where the museum is. After passing bridge we used the second exit towards Sarıyer. We needed to go down to sea side of Bosphorus. Well obviously we found ourselves turning around in one big complex with many buildings. I still don’t remember which turn I took wrongly. We have saying “with asking Baghdad can be found”, so after asking direction to a few people we found our road and managed to go down seaside.

At last we were at İstinye. There is a beautiful nice coffee at sea side with the view of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.


It was a cold day with around 2°C. It is good that they covered some area of the coffee with glass, so we did not get that cold. Before sitting on the table I took one photo of our view..

Then we ordered our coffees.. It is always nice to talk some friends..I love them all 🙂



While we were having our coffees, waiter asked if he could bring some Lokma for us. We all could not refuse that offer:)  Lokma is a Turkish desert which I will give its recipe later on under W8:30TR


After having our coffees we all turned the cups upside down for the coffee fortune:) We women in Turkey having fun with fortune telling always. Well sometimes, yes I feel and say things.. Sixth sense!! sometimes works..

While leaving the place, we saw an old fountain at left. I wonder when it was made and which Ottoman sultan ordered to built and so on.. I can not read Arabic or Ottoman language, so I took a photo of some writing to wait someone who reads and translates.

IMAG0999 IMAG0998Hehe:) I found some information about the fountain,, let me do some translation for you.

Our Water Foundation has some information about it. But till now no one knows the fountain was made by whom and whom ordered to built. Only looking at the fountain Foundation tells the year of it was made; 1908. And Foundation also says that Arabic writing is a verse from Quran. http://www.suvakfi.org.tr/detay.asp?id=770&menu=%E7e%FEmeler

Break! Break! Lunch break!! (Feb 1, 2014)

IMAG0997Next to the fountain there were a small road with some old wooden buildings on it. The museum we would visit is also made out of wood. And it belongs to Koç family. They lived there in summers for a while after the death of Sadberk hanım who was the wife of Vehbi Koç museum opened doors as a first private museum in Turkey at Oct 14, 1980.


This is the road we took it after we were getting in the car again. Towards Yeniköy, Tarabya, and then Sarıyer.

Before getting the car, last photo from İstinye’s fast boat dock. IMAG1002








After moved in the car, while I was driving along the Bosphorus at European side we saw a fishing boat which was taking nets and arranging them on the side. I saw a bus stop and moved in its parking lot. I did not forget to press on flasher button of my car. And I got out and took the photo 🙂







At last we were at museum.

IMAG1005 IMAG1004

I found some more information about the buildings at wikipeda; Sadberk hanım




Break! Break! Break! (Feb 1, 2014)

We were inside of the museum.. We warned about not to take any photo of the goods in the museum. So I did not. And there were many museum staff who followed us during our visit to make sure we did not take any photo of the goods. Yup! we are not professionals and we were not carrying any photo machine at the end.. I had my mobile phone in my hand I think that made them follow us so closely 🙂 so, you may too follow me closely!! I have HTC OneX which takes photo too..

Here is the photo which the staff took it for us via my HTC OneX at the entrance;


The fun part began after we finished visiting the museum. We all together went to Sarıyer to have famous Sarıyer Böreği. IMAG1042

Here we were at the Tarihi Sarıyer Börekçisi.. It is near the Mosque at the seaside of Sarıyer. And it is functioning since 1895.

We went up the third floor to see the sea view. And we ordered Kıymalı Kol Böreği with some tea… 4A7451E_36

We do have many types of Kol Böreği recipes here in Turkey. Some are filled with feta cheese some are filled with minced meat and some have no filling.

The famous one is the with filled minced meat. They put some other ingredients too next to meat as filling. Like dried raisin and some spice.

Here you can take a look at the photos they put at their webpage: http://www.meshursariyerborekcisi.net/web/sariyerborek/

While we were having our Böreks a seagull came and landed on the chimney of the next  building. Well nice seagull was looking at us with some curiosity :))

IMAG1049 IMAG1047hehe:) well, by the time we saw the seagul we were already finished our Börek..It checked on us quite a few times, then left.










I of course find some other interesting stuff in that shop:)


The small bottle which looks like Coke is salt, the big metal bottle is powdered sugar and of course tea glass’ plate with red strips on it in front of them 🙂

We saw a fish market from the window, and decided to take a look at fishes. We learned that there is also a famous botanic garden while chatting with next table:) and we decided to visit it in spring.

IMAG1060While leaving some of us tasted from small lokma too :))

hehe:) not me this time gain so much weight!!



We were out to go to fish market, but it was raining, so we took the umbrella ( hehe:) the one I had it from Türk Telekom stand at Uşak Academic IT conference where I spoke about security in the cloud:)) Thanks to Türk Telekom!!)

IMAG1061 It was cold too.. we turned left to sea side towards fish market.. We all bought some Levrek hmmm.. Sea bass is for the English I guess. The ones at the top row..

IMAG1063 So for me dinner were ready already:) Fish grill and salad!

It was cold and dark since the time was around 5pm. We decided to walk through the road at seaside.




Here is the fish market’s cat 🙂 I think was not hungry at all, didn’t even move. IMAG1062 I took the photo for #caturday 🙂 be sure to have good one!

Break! Break! Break!

Tea break!! (Feb 1, 2014)


There was a small marina with many boats at Sarıyer too.. After a few steps we were at Sarıyer Square. There was one Atatürk Statue.

While visiting Turkey one can see many statues of Atatürk..He is the founder of Republic of Turkey, I’m one of his followers.






It was slightly still raining, after turning the corner we faced up with downtown of Sarıyer where many shops around.






After turning that corner there were a small market where I bought lettuce, salad and tomato so I can do fresh salad next to fish at dinner.

We were in the car again to turn back home. We decided to go from seaside since we saw the traffic was still lesser. Hehe:) of course again I stopped a few times to take photos!!














And my second stop when I saw Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge!!

IMAG1073 IMAG1075







At this stop we saw that there were some soap opera were shooting.. hehe:) Med ve Cezir..

At the distinction of the road towards Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge we saw heavy traffic towards Bosphorus Bridge (Boğaziçi Köprüsü) so we took the road to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. And about in an hour and half we were at home since that road were directly ended up with tolls at the bridge.


This was the end of our small promenade. I would like to thank both of my friends Şefika Kamçez and Lale Tepedam for their patience, I talked a lot:) I love them both since the high school:))

Our promenades will continue.. Hopefully this year is going to be full with many of my #promenade.

And I would like to thank you, to care to read my stories.

Bye for now..

Feb 1, 2014

Oya Şanlı – @oyasan


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