What is next?

As we all heard Twitter marked President Trump and Facebook Mr. Zuckerberg.. I guess AI tools will get better with some exceptions ­čÖé

Today I read a good news about Turkish game company Peak was sold to Zynga. I must say even though I’m under a regular developer, no fantasy here ­čÖé Turkish developers are good. This was second Zynga’s buy from Peak, they bought some console previously. I am not interested in games much, but my son is.

Will the next thing on game developing? I think it depends on advancement on artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automation. I’m not sure how many game developers are around, but I can guess they are not so much. In 2016 the estimation was about 10 million individual game developers and total 1,600,000 – 2,000,000 game development studios.

I don’t have any headset yet, it is not part of my life yet, like mobile phone is. I think I am a realistic person, but like the creativity. I thought of buying one set to produce 3d images with headset and hand tools. For that reason I would buy it. I’m waiting for them to get better. A few years ago I heard they had some bugs ad only have a few tools. Lately, I don’t hear about those at all.

Developing is also related to creativity. I think there is two kind of game developers, the ones develop for Pc and the ones develop for mobile. I believe we had the new things with mobile games.. So on developing side I don’t wait for new things, but as mentioned before, video needs some advancements as video cards..

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