What is next?

From Computer History Museum,
Mountain View, CA

A while ago in July 2015 I visited Computer History Museum at Mountain View, and saw the interesting items at cover picture and at left one. Both have batteries.

At the left one the third item is XTG solar portable battery and charger. It costs $60 and it is from 2010. It says “Solar power is used to charge this USB battery, which in turn can provide extended power for on-body devices.” You can see its new versions..

The ones athe cover picture are :

  1. Datel UWR-5/3000-DS($100 – 1995)
  2. Datel UNS-5/3-D12A($34 – 2000)

Both are DC to DC converter.

My topics here are batteries.. They are evolving in time, since 1748.

Nowadays, lithium (LiCoO2) batteries are used in laptops and smartphones, while lithium (LiNiCoAlO2) batteries are used in vehicles such as the Tesla Model S.

For laptops lithium’s life cycle is about 500-1000 according to Battery University. By the way I had no idea that there were a Battery University till now. I know it is very important subject for the tech people.

Today cars are using batteries too, I learned Volkswagen is using Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries. And Tesla is using Lithium Ion Battery 18650 EV Module on its S model

Batteries are getting better and better every day in ever aspect, like power and life cycle.

Tesla suppliers just announced yesterday made a battery that can last 16 years and 1 million miles

Will the next thing on batteries? I don’t think so, it is already here!

Bye for now.. 

©Oya Şanlı, June 9, 2020

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