What is next?

Lately there is an avatar option in Facebook. I’m not sure if they are considering to build something like Second Life. I have an account and an avatar too at Second Life, however didn’t use for a log time. It is like living a dream life. I guess I’m a realistic human being, I didn’t continue to use it. However, I met some people who did and even earn some money out of it.

Long before G+ I was aware of visualization were becoming important(around 2009). At G+ it started with pictures then videos. And still video is an important issue.. I was wondering about Hangout, and even used to prepare some small training videos. I was so happy when I had a feedback about one of those videos, that it was very helpful to some small business.

Today I just saw the Meet video call button at my gmail. And after a few hours I realized Facebook’s new post popup had some menus at top, and with the below ones I read the “video” word 4 times.

I think we are entering some video war era..

Intel just bought the Killer’s company. So mobile video screens and cameras will get better.

How about video streaming though?

Some problems were solved with virtualization at the beginning. Many problems are already solved in storage base(https://www.dataversity.net/brief-history-data-storage/ and https://royal.pingdom.com/the-history-of-computer-data-storage-in-pictures/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_data_storage).

On network side the new 5G is getting along.

Maybe there will be something new on video formating or compression.

Let’s see how the vidoe wars will end..

Bye for now.. 

©Oya Şanlı, June 3, 2020

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