Hideous is an adjective means ugly or disgusting to look at. On the other hand hide means put or keep out of sight; conceal from the view or notice of others. And there is an example sentence at dictionary; “he hid the money in the house” – synonyms: conceal, secrete, put out of sight

At social site Facebook there is an ‘hide’ selection for the posts. Help of Facebook says;

Hide post: Hides a single post and gives you the option to see fewer posts from a specific person, Page or group

I have some friends complained about it. They said they hid a few of my posts then they can not see the ones they want to see now:)

If I’m friending at Facebook, I never think to hide their post. If so, If I don’t want to see any from them why to become friends here? 

I think same goes with groups, I never hide a post in the group I joined. Otherwise why should I join? I would like to see other’s related posts to the subject of the group. It gives me many ideas about how others are thinking and feeling about the subject of the group. I don’t do any discrimination, but even in the most free country many people do.

I like to take photos and share them, I also share other’s posts. I don’t expect people to like my photos. Since I believe my posts are not hideous I don’t expect to hide them too. I do make mistakes too, I prefer to be aware of them. Learning happens with awareness.  


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