Waiting a bus

While waiting for the rapid bus, I saw a woman who was sitting on a bench and talking loud and having chips. I saw she had a few small chip bags and a bottle of Coke next to her. Just for a second she was like acting at theater. Yes, she was.. she was returning back and forth and talking to people. People were like spectators, no one was talking back, but only staring at her.. The station was a scene, she was the actress and all other of us were audience.

I remember a theater show which I watched in Istanbul. It was a one woman play. The woman at station just resembled her for a moment, talking to herself, but acting. I was thinking to take her photos, but how? I did not want to disturb any one neither to take the attention of the actress and her audience. So I acted too 🙂 I pretended writing something on the phone and took her photo.

Then realized everyone of us are actors\actresses, even for a small while..


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