Pizza a la Oya – CA

Pizza is easy meal to cook especially on Sundays. This Sunday again I’m cooking it. I bought ingredients on Friday from market, since Fridays are cheap days. I most of the time buy pizza dough separately.  I prefer the wet uncooked dough. I tried the precooked once, the taste is not better as the uncooked ones. On top of it all ingredients mix well on uncooked wet dough.


1 package of pizza dough ( 4oz / 113gr)

1 package of hotdog sausage ( any type or brand you like)

8 slices of salami (any type you like, if the size of slices are bigger you may need less amount of slices)

pepper21 can of tomato sauce ( 1/4cup / 65gr)

1 green pepper

1 red or yellow pepper

2 or 3 mushrooms ( I mostly use 2)

3 stick cheese (28gr per piece)

Medium cheddar (about 60gr)

Oregano, roasted garlic & herbs seasoning, and half teaspoon of butter

Cooking directions are easy.. I turned oven on to 350°F. I most of the begin with slicing, grating and chopping. So I sliced sausages in thin round pieces. Then after washing and taking seeded part of the peppers I sliced them in thin long pieces.

musroomAfter washing and cleaning mushrooms I sliced them too.

I poured half of tomato sauce in a bowl and added sausage slices, peppers and mushrooms in it and mixed all well.

Then I used 13x9inch cake pan to cook. First I greased the pan with butter – not melted just out of refrigerator. Then I put the dough in the middle and with my hands spread it to cover inside of the pan. Then I used half of the tomato sauce left to spread on the dough. I placed salami slices and cover them with the tomato sauce left. Then added sausage mix all over the dough  and put the pan in to oven. On the package of the dough it was ‘cook 8-12 minutes’ written. So I cut the cheese sticks lengthwise and grated the cheddar cheese. After 8 minutes opening oven I put stick cheese pieces on it and closed the oven lid. After about 10 minutes I add grated cheddar on top. I cooked a bit more though. It took 15-18 minutes to cook nicely.

IMG_20151011_163355pxlr Sprinkle oregano and roasted garlic & herbs seasoning on it and slice it as you wish!! ready to eat! Bon appetite!


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