#W8:30TR Chicken under béchamel sauce for two

#W8:30TR First thing is first! we need chicken thighs!
tabakli-1Here in Turkey one may find three thighs in a package at markets. Hhmmm! I can get two meals out of it. I need my pressure cooker too.



Ingredients for two meals:

1 potato
1 package of chicken thighs
1 glass of rice
50gr butter
1 package of garnish (450gr)
1 glass of milk
3 tablespoon of all purpose flour
1 red pepper
1 green pepper

black pepper

 I wash and place the thighs inside of the pressure cooker. Peel and wash then place inside of the cooker too. Add water till all stuff covered. for seasoning I add one teaspoonful of salt and black pepper. Then I close the lid and turn the heat on. As on the photo when cooker’s pressure button highers up to the end of the two lines I turn the heat off and I always wait the cooker cools down before opening the lid.


Meantime  I take out the garnish package out of the freezer. Empty the package into strainer and wash all.

0b6531d1-cca1-473e-86a1-9940aeea50c7 downloadWash the red and green pepper and cut the head part out and remove seeds.Then slice them like a circle and thin.

Put one glass of rice into another strainer and wash them too. and put it aside where the water would drain.


When the cooker cools down open the lid. Take the three thighs out on a plate.

Fill the glass you measured rice with chicken broth from the pressure cooker.

Add butter in a pot where you want to cook rice. I prefer un-sticky  pots like Teflon. Turn the heat on and add rice then stir all well till butter melts. Add the glass full of chicken broth and add one more glass of broth. So for good pilaf you need 1 measure of rice 2 same measure of water or broth. Add some salt and stir all well then leave r,ce to cook till no water left inside. We usually half close the lid so rice at the surface would be smooth.

I still have some broth and one potato which I can make soup. I mash the potato in the broth add 3 tablespoon of garnish (peas, carrots and potatoes) and with hand blender I blend all good until all smooth-en up in the broth and all mix well. If it is dense you can add water too, I did. You will need some seasoning with butter on top of the soup. Since the soup has some peas and its color turned out to be green I put some red pepper and a teaspoonful of tomato paste in a small cup and turn the heat on after putting it on the stove. Melt butter while string all. When all melted then you can either add it into soup pot, or you can add butter after you pour soup into each soup bowl.

So for the first meal we have soup, rice and chicken ready !! 🙂

I put one and half thighs a side for the second meal.

For the first meal for two I have soup, chicken and pilaf..

Now, the second meal.. which is given the name of this article.. Chicken under béchamel sauce

Let’s prepare chicken first. With your hands remove the bones out and break up the chicken meat in to small pieces. Then add the left garnish then peppers and mix all.


Now we should prepare the béchamel sauce.



In a un-sticky pan I put flour first, the add a glass of milk and some salt and stir all god with a wooden spoon. Teflon should not be drawn by a metal. If it does then Teflon produce some bad germs which can make cancer. Be sure to use wooden or kind of plastic type spoons on Teflon. While string make sure there is no small flour balls left 🙂 Now it is time to turn the heat on! Never leave string while béchamel is cooking.


IMG_1406[1]You can adjust the smoothness of the béchamel with water or broth. I added up 2 small spoon of broth and keep stirring. When you begin to see small bubbles then the béchamel is ready!

Time to mix agIMG_1408[1]ain. With more then half of the sauce mix all well.


Pour the leftover béchamel on top of the mix.

IMG_1410[1]Ready!! Only we need a cheesy topping after it cooks for a while. 



To cook all well we need to cover it with aluminum folio first, then place it in to 200°C preheated oven. I use turbo option.


Let it cook about 10 minutes, then remove the aluminum folio. And cook more about five


minutes. When it turns golden color then it is time to add cheese. You have many options for cheese. You can grate or cut into cubes or cut like slices. I sliced them while it was cooking.



And placed slices of cheese on top of it and this time I turn the grill on, turned the turbo off. I want to cheese melt and have a golden color 🙂


Here is the second meal’s menu; soup, chicken under béchamel and pilaf.




IMG_1428[1]Bon appetite!!
See you at another meal!!
Oya Şanlı


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