On the bus

While going to Kartal bridge, where Metro is, today I took a bus. At the second stop young people jumped in the bus as a group of 5-6. I was standing at the back of the bus since all seats were full. They came to stand up at the back next to me. They were talking about grade papers, I realized it was half time for schools. Two had thank paper. They proudly showed those. So I asked what their interest of study, one replied that he wants to go to Police academy, other one said sport academy, and third one said he wants to be a mayor… others didn’t mention any.

They thought I was 25 🙂 that made me smile. I am probably older then their mom…

One of them found a seat and sat. Then he saw me and offered his seat and thanking to him I sat. I told them I studied math and asked if any wants to study too. They said they hardly add 2 to 2 🙂

It is always nice to talk young people they said they are attending 12 grade… I believe on 14th they will graduate from high school.

The one mentioned police academy was really looking like a police, so most probably it is his passion. The one mentioned to be a mayor was really looking like a mayor. I believe they were saying their truth. This was first time I really looked at youngsters this way… they really show their interest in a way of they dress, in a way of their hair cut and their face expressions.

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