I am sitting at Caribou cafe on Bagdat Caddesi in Istanbul and having my Turkish coffee. It is a cold and dark October day, looks like it is going to rain. I did not sit outside since it is cold.

Near to right corner of my table a young woman with long dark hair is trying to put the tray in her hand on the table. She is wearing gold earrings and a white coat and a sleeveless dress with black sleeveless blouse inside of it. As soon as she settles down the table a man with dark gray suit who wears glasses come along. He was wearing a gray shirt with a dark tie inside of the suit. He put the blue plastic bag in hand on to chair and the box on the table.

They look like Turkish, however they begin talking I think Italian. I could not figure it out the language, but it was close to Italian. They sing a song together and laughed. I assumed they probably are musicians. I don’t have any idea what they are talking about, I think they talk about their jobs or hobbies. They look like a friend to me. Meantime, they are having coffee.

When she finished her coffee, she raises up to go to lavatory and her friend begin to play with his phone, I think he is writing something.. he is using both hands not like me. Since he is not so young I think he is over fourty, that is surprised me.

Taken the box he placed it in the blue bag. I don’t know what else in this bag, but I wonder about it. The box is probably a gift either they received or they are going to give.

Hmm! I’m trying to use my both hands on my phone. Sorry I’m not used to write with both thumbs. I should visit lavatory too before leaving.

When I come back they were getting ready to leave. So she raises, after wearing the white coat they step out to leave. I become aware of her black boots at that point. After taking a few steps they return back, for the hat. He wear the hat and turning back they left from the door leaving me still in guess of where they are from.. the language sounds like Romanian too..

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