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I’m thinking from where to begin. I really do not know if I did not move here I would be closer to my high school friends or not. Last year in August I moved out and rented a flat around Kartal. So I am near a few of my high school friends since then. At the beginning of this year one of the friends mentioned a tour to Tbilisi at Jolly Tour travel agency. We checked out and decided that it worth to pay for it. We did 🙂 With monthly payments we are still paying for it.

Let me tell you which cities ı was bale to see; #Amasya#Tokat – #Sivas – #Erzurum#Erzincan#Kars – #Artvin#Ardahan – #Batum#Tiflis#Rize #Trabzon #Giresun#Ordu#Samsun .. in total of 13 cities! Hmm.. they forget Erzincan and Ardahan, I added up, so in total of 15 cities..


Our bus came in to Kartal around 11:30pm at 27th of June. With my friend Şefika we moved in to bus. We were so excited..

Now I need to cook 🙂 So I’m taking a break..

Returned back to writing..If you wonder about my cooking, you can visit W8:30TR – Wednesday 8:30pm #Turkey.

Let’s continue..



aIMAG7974Here we were at İzmit first..






aIMAG7983 aIMAG7982 aIMAG7981Oh! rain!! I began to pray that the next morning there would be no rain since we will be at Amasya and visiting the city. We stopped by İzmit Otogar to take a few more people into bus.

aIMAG7986 IMAG7985 aIMAG7984At the photo in the middle at last row you can see our bus:)

Now let me show you the road we took on the map.

After 10-15 minutes break we were on the road again.. aIMAG7987

I’m taking another break now. Hehe:) I caught cold 🙁 I’m sneezing!!

I will continue to write tomorrow, after doing some household jobs 🙂

So, keep reading!.

Let me continue tonight, yes all jobs being done already.

aIMAG7989 aIMAG7988

Here we were in the Bolu tunnel (on map ,on wiki) I realized it was about 2:30 in the morning, so I needed to have some sleep. My next photo was at 4:43 am. so I was able to sleep two hours or so.. And the darkness of the night slowly was going away..


aIMAG7993 aIMAG7992 aIMAG7990






And around 5:00 am sun light was slowly showing up.. And it was time for breakfast at Ilgaz.. so we stopped by the rest area (on mapaIMAG7997

Something went wrong.. Saving it at that point.

After having breakfast we moved again towards #Amasya. I forgot to mentioned, all of those mountains at the area called as Ilgaz mountains

aIMAG7999 aIMAG8000

And sun began to show self. Mean time we were slowly coming to Tosya.

aIMAG8001 aIMAG8006 aIMAG8010 aIMAG8011 aIMAG8012









Well, it is late at the moment and I’m taking a break since tomorrow..

Good night.

Let’s continue..

aIMAG8013 aIMAG8015 aIMAG8017 aIMAG8018


We were just passed Akbük and moved towards Tosya .


Time to time there were some constructions going on on the road..

 And sometimes we faced with beautiful views. Let me remind you that I was taking those from the window of the bus. so they are kind of blur.





Taking some break here! I want to visit mom..

Good evening!

Lets continue tonight! (July 10, 2014)

Last night I gave mom’s gift to her.

I know that for the first night I do have many photos, but this was first time for me to see around those places in my country. So I took many photos as possible. May be I will do some slides or videos too later on. I’m acting like what ever comes from inside:) I think that makes me happy and makes me keep writing.



I found out that is not so easy to take photos from a bus which is moving 90 km per hour.

I tried PowerPoint and the result was not I expected. So I made out a short video 🙂 this time..

Preparing a gif is easy and good, but without music. I will try to find a nice Black Sea music and use that..

And we were moving towards Çaykapı. And we kept moving and I watched the sun in the morning..

It was awesome to watch morning while on the bus. hehe:) I was not driving at the end:)





A few days ago I checked this article from my phone, let me tell you that layout was not nice.. From internet it is not so bad to view all.

We were moving through to a stop to have breakfast.We were at Irmak Dinlenme Tesisleri for breakfast. They have two sitting area. I first went to open place near the road. I saw a small barrack and some tea settings in front. I saw a men just opened the door of the barrack and asked if he has some tea. Meantime I was hearing birds. There were many birds, mostly sparrow. Guy said tea is not ready yet and he was going to make it. So I sat just a small while to listen birds and walked back to other sitting area and had my tea there with lots of noise coming from buses 🙁  Maybe in the video on the link of Irmak Dinlenme Tesisleri  you would not realize it, but there were a small fountain with an elephant at the corner; aIMAG8086There were no water in the fountain.

After resting a while we moved again.. aIMAG8090

Well sorry there were not much to say, many were sleeping on the bus:) and I was taking photos from the window..

#Amasya is going to be our first city to visit..


It is late again!

Good night!

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