#morningthoughts life and internet


As I see internet is all around in our lives. We are meeting new people everyday and trying to connect.

What the connection means?

The meaning differs for everyone of us. Lately, I see it is mostly personal wise.. I don’t know if it is only me seeing it like that. Even business messages are personalized. I found that is good. Good for marketing.

It may seem that I share a lot of personal things, like where I am going and what I am doing, and what I am thinking. For those posts I get likes, plus ones or favorites. Sometimes comments too. Thank to you for every interactions.

I take my life seriously, so having a mouse in hand and clicking on like, plus one or favorite only shows me you are interested in my posts. I really thank for all, and I appreciate all. But not directing my real life with them.

Best regards to all
Oya Şanlı

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