#morningthoughts Result oriented

I think I must be result oriented. I’m not since for a while. I must admit trying is letting me learn. And helping me shape up my road, my turns. I did not reach the end of the road yet. I don’t know if I ever reach it. But I don’t think so, because I’m in a ever changing environment. On top of those I’m trying to change too. Sometimes this is painful, but most of the time it is fun. I want to take the fun part and move forward.

I’m purpose oriented, there should be a purpose what ever I do. I like to try new things. sometimes my brain is so busy with many things, I hardly hear. I think I need a few more months of trials.

Even I’m in front of any kind of devices which connects to internet whole daylong, hard to keep up with everything on social media. May be I’m trying and doing so many things, I don’t know. I’m writing this, because I’m reading posts about how to handle social media. I’m not sure about the correct way, but in return I check out the posts of my followers and  like or plus one or favorite some of posts I really agree or like. I found that is a better solution, because this way, I’m really communicating. Lately I’m trying to do that. I don’t know how much I’m successful, time will show.

I’m not selling an idea or a product till now. I’m just trying to understand the environment of the social media on internet.

I will keep write about my thoughts.#morningthoughts goes with #kahvezamani:))


Oya Şanlı

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