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Oya Şanlı
She was born in 1959 in Istanbul. After completing her secondary education in Ankara Tevfik Fikret High School, she moved to Istanbul because of change in her father’s job status and she graduated from Erenköy High School for Girls in 1976 and started to study her undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Istanbul University.

In 1981, she started working as a programmer in the information processing department of Arçelik. In 1982, Ms. Şanlı graduated from Istanbul University Mathematics Department.

She married in 1983 and started to live in New York, USA. She studied Computer Science at City College of New York and she also worked at the IT department of the school. Her son was born in 1987. Since 1988, she worked in the IT department of various small and medium companies in Istanbul. In spite of her retirement in 2003, Ms. Oya Şanlı has more than 15 years of IT department managerial experience. Since 2008, as CloudCamp Turkey’s manager and organizer she delivered many speeches at Academic Conferences and organized and managed CloudCamp meetings in Ankara and in Istanbul, Ms. Şanlı prepared the content of the lecture named Introduction to Cloud Computing and delivered at Kadir Has University.

Ms. Oya Şanlı, who has been taking photos with her mobile phone as an amateur for the last 7-8 years, and has been trying to learn about the effects of light and colors on photography, has met the opportunity to participate in the exhibition in Works, San Jose, Ca with some of her digitally prepared collages. Ms. Şanlı lived three years(2015-2017) at Bay area California. She keeps writing at her blog in English and in Turkish about her profession and about her observations, she also publishes articles about the new English words she learned, shares some of her photos and digital works too.

Finally, she continues to write in Turkish about data mining and R language topics. She prepares Covid19 graphs getting the numbers from Turkey’s Health Minister’s page on Facebook and publishes graphs at her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/oyasan.blog)

Ms. Oya Şanlı joined mentor project of Erenköy Girls High School and she delivered MS Office training to female students who are awarded scholarships by the Alumni(2019- 5 days and 5 students joined).  She also consults a startup company located in Los Angeles Ca.

She signed up online education at Anadolu University and she is studying GIS(Geographical Information Systems 2019-2021)..

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