Wondering about social media

Since I opened my twitter and after Google account I am wondering about happenings on social media. Therefore I  I time to time save write my thoughts about it.

It is totally like a friendship.. If you give you can get back, needs to nourish.Many people are trying to be in connection as many people as possible. So to show themselves they react. The reaction is seeing by everyone around.

I also aware that some people has more than one account. If you connect one the others will react too.

Some people are so curious, they wonder where you are, what are you doing in your life. This sometimes scares me, because I don’t know the reason behind it. Curiosity is good if it is not related to people! I never wonder about anyone where they live, what are they doing, those are not my business at all. I am asking myself why others’?

I try to read an article about success stories and tips about it on internet. I just remember reading one may be a year ago. He was talking about how what they wrote and shared posts took many hits. Writer said he even did not believe what was happening. Of course they made a plan and act accordingly. But I did not see any special point at the plan, it seems to cover whatever said in other documents. And I wondered about their success to see what was going on I followed him and checked his posts. Surprisingly his lasts posts did not have any hits! Even the posts structure were same and they were following the same plan. Since then I’m wondering what is going on, why people left? Then I realized if I able to see why they came in first place, I may find the correct answer. Since then I’m doing my own research.

I’m taking photos with my mobile and then using some software on phone or ipad or on laptop I combine them in a way that I end up with another picture. I like any kind art and I like to do art. So those works satisfies me at that point. Then I share them at social media after preparing a video at YouTube.

I’m getting a normal responses most of the time, and hits are spread in time. I mean a few hits a day. Yesterday suddenly one of my share of those art hit more then 250 +1 at Google and around 2.500 likes at YouTube.

I did not do any different things.. I have 34 videos at that playlist where I share my digital art works and none hit that much. I was trying to understand the reason of this success.. what was the trigger? I could not find any. I tried to write down the reasons I find.

  • People liked the thumbnail and watched the video? Well I posted thumbnail way before and placed it as a cover page..
  • I wrote an article about Search Engine Optimization at one of Turkish SEO sites, and I shared that. This can be a trigger?
  • After a while that site webmaster reached me saying they had some warning and they were out of indexing (??) so they returned back to previous version where my article is not there. So I wrote that article again at my blog under IT Journals ( http://oyasanli.com/oyasblog/2016/12/22/arama-motoru-optimizasyonu-ne-isimize-yarar/) and shared it at many social sites. Can this be a trigger?
  • What was the trigger? Then at twitter I saw some Turkish names were trending. I checked out. It was related to some Turkish soldiers whom burned at war in Syria. It was a very sad story. Lots of things going on around Turkey nowadays and all are sad. I wish I had the power to stop all before happening. Can this be a trigger?

    Last day I post many things all day long since it was snowing outside. Continuously  posting many brought some people with new and many accounts. I don’t want fake accounts around mine.

    So at the end I realized most of the success stories are much related to what is happening around you, and a few trigger calls back the majority. So followers of follower make hits too.. Then the trend features come in the scene.. When people are seeing a post trending they come around too, like a ripple effect. and number of hits grows.

    I believe most of the time success is related what is happening around you, not directly related to what you post. There are always some peak points the fall backs, like every other things.

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