Which social media platform is good? – #eveningthoughts –

bayram_26082010254pxlrWe all have different personalities, so we all love different products which match ourselves. Sometimes, things we would like to spread or share make difference too. Because of that even we love x product we may ended up using y for just time being.

Don’t forget every product has different flavors.. I worked for chewing gum factory which was producing chewing gums in many flavor. I even love the strawberry flowered one while I was going meetings I chewed mint flavored one to get rid of mouth smell. For sure we mostly keep more then one flavor in pocket.

All social media platforms have some different discrete flavors that separates them from each other. When it’s time we chew..

If they keep adding more flavor we keep chew more. Like Moments in Twitter.

Moments brings top twits of the day, so people can interact with them by favoring or re-twitting. For me it is good to see categorized summary view of what is happening.

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