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ForgettingI just finished an English novel last week. Reading helps me to learn about words and the sentence structure. I also need those words stay with me 🙂 So do not forget them I first tried post them at G+ under ‘My new words‘ collection with my Turkish translation – I did not get any education for it, I’m just trying to do my best, at least for myself to learn.

I tried to attach a related photo to it, since visualization helps to remember. I also wanted those be in help to others who are learning like me. So I also used English to English translation too. Some people interested and started to follow the collection.

I’am holding my website with my blog for a while now. I was able to install WordPress and managed to have one unique theme for myself. The main part of my website- – still old, my very first web site and my first design, not a fantasy though. I did not want to change part, instead I added new menu bar with new buttons. The new menu appears when ‘Interest‘ has clicked on. In time I keep adding new buttons and may be new menus.

Same goes for my blog too, I’m adding new menu items on the way. I decided to add ‘My new words‘ section at my blog too. I think at my website they will live longer. Mean time I keep reading almost everyday.

Just a few days ago I read ‘The spots. They would get bigger, cover her body, turn crusty then pustulant… then she’d begin to forget’ , ‘Then she wouldn’t know to tie her shoe laces; she might spend hours bent over her feet, trying to lace however she’d been taught – the bunny ears method? Loop, swoop, and pull?’ , ‘Next, she’d forget her brother’s name and the smell of her father’s pipe tobacco, and soon enough, her own face in the mirror’ (author is Nick Cutter)

And this makes me to think about myself.. I can not imagine forgetting what I see and live through in my life. Especially what I have learned through.

However, thinking back, some of the details are already forgotten. It is amazing how brain acts and remember things. I don’t remember some details at all. Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is frustrating.. I can not imaging forgetting everything I have learned, to keep leaving. I hope I never do..

With aging and having to care of many things in mind sometimes I am forgetting things like where I put my keys or phone.. May be I should have fixed place for them..

Those amnesiac people may be much happier since they do not aware of many things. And most of the time they are in care of some family members.

I couldn’t make my mind if forgetting is good or bad 🙂 what you think?




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