#promenade in İstanbul – Küçüksu Palace, Göksu

Yesterday with my high school’s alumni association I went to Küçüksu Palace again. This was my second visit. First time I went there with some friends from one IT association. Both time we had lunch at Sabancı Öğretmenevi (Sabancı teachers’ house). Let me explain what is teachers’ house, as its name says they are for teachers. Teachers are having lunch/dinner or tea/coffee at those places. Some have rooms to stay like hotel, for teachers. For awhile now they are accepting people who are not a teacher. Those places are cheap and decent. Most of are at nice places like Sabancı Öğretmenevi (http://www.sabanciogretmenevi.com.tr/tr/ ) which is on the Bosphorus.. And both time I visited Küçüksu Palace ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%BC%C3%A7%C3%BCksu_Palace) which is so close to öğretmenevi. This time I was with one of my high school friends. I took blue dolmuş from the door of my complex.. After five minutes or so I saw her at the side and told driver to stop and take her up. So we met! We went to Kartal’s seaside. It took so long though. I road dolmuş follows was so long visiting many places. It took almost half an hour. At seaside after walking for a short while we took yellow dolmuş this time:) to Bostancı where we met other  graduates. this time since we were going along the seaside it took less time, and we were there early. We found the bus at the side of the road in front of small tea house. The head of the alumni association welcomed us and offered a glass of tea. I was just meet them. Oh! I forgot to mention the school name; Erenköy Kız Lisesi where I study two years and graduated. (I was at Ankara before) After having our teas and meeting all we did get in the bus. at 10:00 am we moved towards Göksu. We coolected few more people while moving on Bağdat Avenue. Then we forward to Bosphorus Bridge road. Before the bridge we had to exit towards Bosphorus side at Asia side. And I began to take photos! aIMAG4749 aIMAG4750Yes, those are running! Well municipality is working 🙂 It took so long to exit, there was hell of a traffic.. aIMAG4752That is a telephone booth. Nice to have it as a daisy.. We picked up few more people from there. and moved. aIMAG4753       We were getting close to Bosphorus seaside. I just realized I was sitting at wrong side:) in the bus.

Anyway I decided to take trees photos since most were full of flowers. aIMAG4754 aIMAG4755         aIMAG4757 aIMAG4758






We were able to see sea! the Bosphorous side.. Now we have to go along the Bosphorous side till Göksu. I was not sitting at the correct side in the bus to take Bosphorus photos..

aIMAG4760 aIMAG4761 aIMAG4763 aIMAG4765 aIMAG4766 aIMAG4767 aIMAG4768 aIMAG4769 aIMAG4770 aIMAG4771 aIMAG4773

Taking a break to work on more photos.   Let me continue..(April 20, 2014)


aIMAG4775 aIMAG4776 Consider those as photo blog.. I took them on the way long.. aIMAG4777



When I saw this house I remembered one friend from Ankara. Her family had an old house on the Bosphorous at Beykoz. I spent a few days over that house. The family was our neighbor next door. My friend was a few years older than me. One time we visited them in İstanbul at that old house, She offered me a boat ride. So I accepted, we both row the boat on Bosphorus:) When we returned back to the side she asked from me to hold the wooden dock, and I did. I was sitting at the back side and she was in the mid of the boat. After a small while the the nose of the boat began to move away from the dock and I became a bridge between boat and wooden dock:) It was horrible:) she told me to loose hands from dock. so I did!! and I found myself in the sea :)) hahaha:) we laughed a lot. I miss her, she had some muscle disease and not alive any more. That was the last memory with her I remember. aIMAG4779 aIMAG4778 I think it is important, “Eczane” means pharmacy in Turkish. We can buy some pills without any prescription like Aspirin or so.. We do have health care system. With that I can buy at pills cheaper price. aIMAG4780 aIMAG4781 The blue dollar like sign is İş Bankası’s logo. That bank is the first bank in Turkey. I visited its museum a while ago and published photos at Google Plus. Here is the link..  aIMAG4782 And BP the British Petrol’s gas station.     aIMAG4783aIMAG4785 aIMAG4787

 aIMAG4788 Here is a nice restaurant.. aIMAG4791 aIMAG4792 aIMAG4793






Lets continue; IMAG4801 The Turkish army’s Selimiye Barracks (Turkish: Selimiye Kışlası) is located on IMAG4795 Bosphorus in the Üsküdar district on the Asian part of IMAG4798 Istanbul, Turkey. It is one of the nice buildings on Bosphorus. It was built first in 1800 by Sultan Selim III for the soldiers of the newly established Nizam-ı Cedid. It was burnt down in 1806 by revolting Janissaries, who IMAG4800 were against the reforms. With the orders of Sultan Mahmud II, it was rebuilded in stone in 1828. During the reign of Sultan Abdülmecid I, the barracks were renovated twice and than barracks have the look today.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selimiye_Barracks) I was sitting at the right side in the bus, so I was unable to take photos of the Bosphorus, instead I was taking photos from the Asia side of the Bosphorus so you may have an idea how is the land side.. May be looking at the area this close gives you some feeling of Istanbul too..

Photos all the way long.. aIMAG4802 aIMAG4803 aIMAG4804 aIMAG4807           aIMAG4833 aIMAG4832 aIMAG4829 aIMAG4828 aIMAG4826   aIMAG4824 aIMAG4823 aIMAG4821 aIMAG4820 aIMAG4817 aIMAG4816 aIMAG4814 aIMAG4812 aIMAG4811 aIMAG4809 aIMAG4808























I realized the phones battery was low, so began to use ipad from this point on..I was assuming the angle of the camera were same, but obviously no. This new Ipad has shorter angle, I really don’t know why. I think Ipad is sending old devices here to Turkey. I bought my first ipad from Best buy, San Jose, CA. And I was so happy with it till suddenly its screen blacked-out..When I go to the service they gave me the new one with the almost half price.. It is not taking good photos at all!! I don’t think I will get another ipad.. aIMG_2458 aIMG_2460 May be the difference will be seen here much better. On the left here I was with ipad..       aIMG_2461 aIMG_2462 aIMG_2464






We were getting closer, here was Göksu stream..       aIMG_2467 aIMG_2465aIMG_2468 aIMG_2473 aIMG_2470 aIMG_2469aIMG_2474 aIMG_2480 aIMG_2477aIMG_2479 aIMG_2481













We were there at last.. This pink building is the teachers house where we had our lunch.. we had to visit palace first..   aIMG_2482 aIMG_2485 aIMG_2484 aIMG_2483         aIMG_2488 aIMG_2489




We were still in the bus..Moving forward and backward to find a place for us to get out.. Meanwhile I took more photos..     aIMG_2490 aIMG_2493 aIMG_2491 aIMG_2494 aIMG_2496 aIMG_2495









At last they decided to stop in front of the palace door. We were outside now.. aIMG_2498aIMG_2497 aIMG_2499 aIMG_2501





We were inside, we bought our tickets at the door. Let me give you the link of National Palaces; http://www.millisaraylar.gov.tr/portalmain-en/Palaces.aspx?SarayId=22  Palace has many doors, the main door is the one at seaside. This palace was used as hunting lodge, so Ottoman Empires came in from Bosphorus from European side with a boat. There are no bedrooms, no one stayed there over night. aIMG_2503 This the one at the back side of the Palace and we entered in from that door from land of Asia side. aIMG_2504 I turned back and took the photo of our bus and the ticket office which is at right on the photo. aIMG_2505 We were slowly getting in..I knew that this pavilion has wonderful garden. So while walking I decided how to take photo of it. Meantime people were already at the steps.

aIMG_2507aIMG_2510 aIMG_2513

Here was our group..




aIMG_2515I was inside at that point.. After taking a few photo our guide came in and asked from us not to take photos of other rooms.. So I turned off my cameras off..   After visiting all rooms while leaving I took two more photos from the entrance..

aIMAG4834 aIMAG4835        





I was at the garden again..and I heard a frog, walked to the small round pool. I was unable 


to see the frog. aIMAG4837I walked to the left and tried to shot whole building from side.   aIMAG4838 aIMAG4839 aIMAG4840aIMAG4841           aIMAG4842





At left side there is another door.. Most of the group were walking towards to leave..I turn my head to left again.. and saw the European side of the Bosphorus.. aIMG_2517 aIMG_2519aIMG_2520


Then the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge..I took some photos among white fences, so you are not seeing them.. aIMG_2522 Here is the main entrance Saltanat Kapısı – the reign door.. We were in front of the building where Sultans were entering.aIMG_2523 aIMG_2524 aIMG_2525




There is a fountain between steps, there were no water though.. aIMG_2526 aIMG_2527 aIMG_2528 aIMG_2529

aIMG_2532 aIMG_2533aIMG_2534 aIMG_2535         aIMG_2544 aIMG_2536 aIMG_2537 aIMG_2539




Some old graduates seated in the garden under trees. I kept taking photos around thinking I was going to sit while having lunch.. aIMG_2546 aIMG_2547 aIMG_2548 aIMG_2549





Let me continue.. aIMG_2550 aIMG_2551 We were under that old tree.. and at the left there was the stream to Bosphorus..       aIMG_2552 aIMG_2553 aIMG_2554 aIMG_2555 aIMG_2556 aIMG_2557 aIMG_2558









I was taking photos from Bosphorus side of the building. There were an American boat on Bosphorus this time.     aIMG_2561 aIMG_2562 A bit more about the building and its fences..        




Garden has two of this small round pools.. As you may guess we all were moving slowly towards out…









aIMG_2567 aIMG_2568

The basement’s windows were interesting..

aIMG_2569A door under steps.. That reminds me about my “Door” posts..




aIMG_2570I was turning to left towards sea, building was staying on nice columns..


People were moving towards outside from the door at left. I guess they were hungry 🙂 The teacher house is at that side a bit far away.

I decided to move to left and see the seaside. I took some photos of Bosphorus and the building there..



There is a cafeteria close by at seaside.aIMG_2572 And I saw beautiful tulips..







aIMG_2575This is beautiful art work. I like the building a lot..It was so sunny so at Ipad some areas turned out to be white..aIMG_2576

I’m taking a break here:) Need to cook dinner 🙂


Let me continue:)

At left side there was Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge..And in front of me at the other side of Bosphorus


there are towers of the Bosphorus. We do have then at both side reciprocal to each other. The one at European side called as Rumeli Hisarı aIMG_2578which was built by the orders of Ottoman empire Fatih Sultan Mehmed at 1451  – 1452. The one at Asian side of the Bosphorus is called as Anadolu Hisarı.

By the way Anadolu means Anatolia in Turkish..


In the garden there is a fountain from Ottoman. It was ordered to be built by empire Sultan III. Selim. His mother’s name Mihrişah Sultan was given to the fountain at 1806. aIMG_2579



I realized that all people from my group left the area, and I was still taking photos there..

I took a few more Bosphorus photo in front of the caffé..

aIMG_2582 aIMG_2581



Then began to walk fast to keep up with others.aIMG_2585 aIMG_2584






What a nice place to sit with a baby 🙂 I think baby was sleeping in the stroller, and mom was watching the Bosphorus..

Okay, I caught up all and I was getting inside from the door where both sides full of flowers..aIMG_2591 aIMG_2592



The side road from left, I walked and took a photo and returned back to the door..



And here was the inside of the building.. aIMG_2594 aIMG_2595

Hmm, there are some wedding receptions going on too..


aIMG_2597We sat outside that day.

Hehe:) It was like sitting on Bosphorus..

After having our lunch and Turkish coffees with bus we came in we left the place..

Hmmm.. I miss friends, I guess we should go near Bosphorus again. But first I need to renew one of headlight of my car, it is not working properly..

Let me add a few more photos from that day..

aIMAG4874 aIMAG4881 aIMAG4882 aIMAG4883 aIMAG4884 aIMAG4885 aIMAG4886 aIMAG4890









aIMAG4864 aIMAG4865 aIMAG4866 aIMAG4867 aIMAG4863 - Copy aIMAG4864 - CopyaIMAG4857 aIMAG4856 aIMAG4855 aIMAG4854 aIMAG4853 aIMAG4851 aIMAG4852 aIMAG4850 aIMAG4849













That’s it from that day!

Have a nice day to all..

Oya Şanlı


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